Thoughtful Signs

These handmade signs are all made by ourselves in-house. Therefore if you want something slightly different, please request this in the message box below the picture when purchasing

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teachers plant the seed sign

Sometime schools and teachers get a bad press, but there are many good teachers out there that make a real difference to children's lives and futures. Here is a great gift for those teachers. Size 15cm x 10cm


teach from the heart sign

Teaching isn't all about how well you know a subject, it's about the passion you have to teach this to children. Books are important, but teaching skills are far more important. Size 15cm x 10cm


This You + Me = Us sign is a lovely thing to have on the wall of the house. A reminder that many time the sum of a relationship is worth far more than its component parts. Sign size 28cm x 8cm


Dad should always be the first man in a daughters life. 15cm x 10cm


Great sign for Fathers Day or Birthdays. 15cm x 10cm


Dad should always be the first man in a daughters life. 15cm x 10cm


Traditional and thoughtful saying. 15cm x 10cm.


A sweet little sign for the family. 15cm x 10cm


Family should be the most important thing. 15cm x 10cm.


You can be rich without money.15cm x 10cm


A famous quote and still true today. 15cm x 10cm.


Mother is always your best friend.15cm x 10cm


Mums do hold things together, like buttons. 15cm x 10cm.


Funny or thoughtful, maybe both.15cm x 10cm


Mum best friend sign. 28.5cm x 10cm.


A commission we had, but we really like it. 28.5cm x 10cm


Mums and Nanny's sign. 15cm x 10cm.


Mums, always there to listen. 15cm x 10cm


Friends and nights together. 15cm x 10cm.


Positive thoughts. 15cm x 10cm


Great gift for your childs teacher. 15cm x 10cm.


We can also do nursery signs. 15cm x 10cm


The toughest men, cant disagree with this sign. 15cm x 10cm.


New born baby gift. 15cm x 10cm


Here is one of those signs you get commissioned to make and you like it so much you just have to add it to the range. Size 28cm x 8cm


All these signs are handmade by ourselves.

If there is anything you would like, please let us know, as we can adapt these for you.

Individually made for you to create that unique gift from our base in Kettering Northamptonshire

If you have any enquiries please contact us on : (+44) 01536 524412 or email us on