Handmade funny signs

These handmade signs are all made by ourselves in-house. Therefore if you want something slightly different, please request this in the message box below the picture when purchasing

Call ( +44 )01536 524412 or email sales@uwoodtoys.co.uk



We all have a " fluffy " friend that this is for. 15cm x 10cm


If you need a unique birthday gift, this could be it. 15cm x 10cm


Most of us have a friend this would apply to. 15cm x 10cm.


Whatever the problem, its not the worst thing ever. 15cm x 10cm


A sign that has meaning in its humour. 15cm x 10cm.


Ideal for a work colleague.15cm x 10cm


A famous quote from Oscar Wilde. 15cm x 10cm.


A good way to get the upper hand.15cm x 10cm


Very popular sign, cant think why?. 15cm x 10cm.


Funny or thoughtful, maybe both.15cm x 10cm


Success can take many forms. 15cm x 10cm.


People do say the strangest things on facebook.15cm x 10cm


A good way to live your life. 15cm x 10cm.


Great gift for your best friend and drinking partner. 15cm x 10cm

The worlds biggest stirrer wooden spoon. We all know someone that likes to stir it a bit, this is the ideal gift for them. Length 25cm long



All these signs are handmade by ourselves.

If there is anything you would like, please let us know, as we can adapt these for you.

Individually made for you to create that unique gift from our base in Kettering Northamptonshire

If you have any enquiries please contact us on : (+44) 01536 524412 or email us on sales@uwoodtoys.co.uk